Prostitute & Human Trafficking Outreach

Into the Dark Underbelly of the Night

Human trafficking is rampant worldwide. Modern day human slavery is as pervasive in the dark streets of the inner city of Los Angeles County as anywhere else. These girls are scooped up by predators when they are as young as 12-13 years old. Many come from broken families and foster care and are seeking love and acceptance. The pimps know who to look for. They know who is able to be exploited … who is easy to manipulate. The Pimps seduce them with kindness, drugs and the promise of a loving family then often times, find out the home addresses of their parents and threaten to hurt the family or the girls themselves if they don’t sell their bodies. We go out every week to minister to them with the Love of Jesus and make sure they know they have someone to call if they hit rock bottom and have no one to turn to.

How did the Prostitute Outreach Start?

    In 1981 I started going out there. I hardly knew what a prostitute looked like. I was a pig farmer and a peach farmer. I didn’t know what a prostitute looked like. I didn’t know what a transgender looked like. I didn’t even  know what homeless people looked like.

    But I went out there on Sunset Blvd near Fairfax and that whole area, and I saw as many as 25 of these girls as young as 13 years old selling their bodies and it broke my heart. I said, ‘Jesus would be out there ministering to those people in the middle of the night.

    There was nobody in the church out there, not a single one. They were getting raped out there, getting beat up by the pimps out there. We know some of them that even died; they found their bodies in dumpsters.

   I knew Jesus would be out there helping those people in the middle of the night, so I’ve been going there ever since.

Relationship Building

With these working girls, it’s all about building a no-pressure relationship with them. Most of them have been hurt in ways that are difficult for the average person to understand and you might be surprised at how receptive they are to an offer to pray for them for their safety out there. Maybe not. They live very dangerous lives, getting into a car and never knowing if they will be robbed or raped or worse. Being the Good Guys in their lives is personally fulfilling for both the giver and the receiver.
prostitute outreach
transgender prostitute

Roses Open Doors

We give roses to the prostitutes and tell them that they are as precious as a rose to God and that He loves them.

We ask if we can pray for them

Some of these girls are so very young and welcome prayer for protection. They know they lead dangerous lives. Many accept Jesus on the spot.
prayer for underage prostitute

We Train Teams with these Hands-on Experiences

Here are just a few of the teams we’ve trained. We make coffee and burritos for the pimps and the Johns and ask if we can pray a prayer of blessing for them. We hand out roses to the girls and tell them how God sees them as beautiful as a rose, how much God Loves them and pray with them for protection. And of course, leading them to accept Jesus into their hearts is our goal in those prayers!

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